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Born into a rich musical legacy, Tamillia gained early exposure to the stage, spending countless rehearsals and recording sessions with her mother, a seasoned performer. Tamillia, initially quiet and unassuming, took center stage at the tender age of 8, seizing her mother's microphone during one fateful evening. From that moment on, destiny set her life as a performer in motion.

Tamillia's rise to stardom gained momentum when producers of the hit TV show, The Voice Kids France, recognized her extraordinary talent. Fearless and gifted at only 11 years old, she excelled in the competition, leaving an indelible mark with a stunning rendition of Beyonce's "Halo." Her performance got all chairs turned and caught the attention of Matt Pokora, esteemed French superstar artist and The Voice Kids judge, who she chose as her mentor, guiding her all the way to the finals.

Returning to Saint-Martin / Sint-Maarten, her home island, Tamillia continued to captivate audiences across the Caribbean, from Curacao and Martinique to Guadeloupe, Anguilla, and Saint Barths. Amid performances, Tamillia honed her skills in acoustic and electric guitars, songwriting, recording, and production. Focusing on social impact and her holistic development following Hurricane Irma's devastation, she recognized music’s role in rebuilding the spirit of Saint-Martin/Sint-Maarten.

In 2022, Tamillia's talent caught the attention of US music industry veteran Sundafu Kawah. Impressed by her singular combination of talent, beauty, and grit, he signed her to his Los Angeles-based record label, The November Society, on her 18th birthday.

While developing as an artist and recording songs for her global launch, Tamillia opened for the iconic IHearts Z100 Jingle Ball in New York, where she showcased her upcoming debut single, "Murda." In 2023 she also headlined the main stage at the 43rd annual Heineken Regatta, setting the stage for her return on this March 3rd, closing night, in what promises to be a sensational performance following the release of "Murda."

Merging her French Caribbean musical heritage with pop, R&B and dancehall in a style all her own, Tamillia has the qualities that adds up to worldwide stardom: She turns her emotionally rich, personal mix of genres into something that makes sense to all of us, everywhere.